The Social Nerdcast - Episode 1 - What The Hell Are We Doing?

Well, here we are.

After a struggle with schedules, work abundance, and other stuff that constitutes having a life -- we're online. Nerd Sense is a web site about making sense of what all this tech stuff is about. You can find this information all over the web but a lot of it will tell you all of the benefits and tease you with mumbo jumbo acronyms. This is all fine and good for the nerd crowd. Here we will chatter about some of the same things but we also bring you the "why" or "should" around technology. This will evolve over time and we will get better and refine -- all of that good stuff. Right now, we're aiming for putting things out. (Shh, that is more of Shane's problem.)

At least, that is what we are attempting to do. Enjoy!